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What our students say about us:
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Testimonials: Testimonial

“Decided to try fencing and picked this school because it was local. I am very glad I did, Vlad and Nick are excellent instructors who are passionate and truly want to see you improve. I highly recommend this to anybody who is interested as a beginner.”

Andrew H.

“Vlad and Nick are fantastic instructors, I had an amazing first experience here visiting from a different HEMA club and I will absolutely be coming back! Their longsword class was well structured, historically informed and still a great workout. I would absolutely recommend Signum Corvus to anyone interested in trying out HEMA!”

Hayden S.


“Outstanding fencing community filled with people who share the passion and dedication to learning historical sword arts. Vlad and Nick are amazing instructors who love what they do and strive to see you improve. Very beginner and advanced learner friendly.”

Alessandro A.

“Taking the classes are a ton of fun! The people are very low-key and focussed on every one having a good time in a safe and welcoming environment. If you've ever been curious about medieval swordplay, I'd highly recommend trying it here.”

Jeff B.


“Vlad and Nick are amazing instructors. Very positive and they customize their instructions for students of all skill levels. I have learned more in 6 months than I ever expected. The focus on historical Italian school instruction and techniques is especially engaging and helpful. I cannot recommend this school enough.”

Patrick G.

“Awesome school. Awesome instructors.”

Andriy H.


“Vlad and Nick are great instructors, with an infectious passion for longsword fencing. Classes are a ton of fun and very informative.”

Darren N.

“For anyone within Halton, Peel or the GTA interested in learning HEMA (Historical European Martial Arts), such as, Italian Longsword, Rapier, and/or Sabre, Signum Corvus is a fantastic club to learn any of these weapon styles.

Vlad Adamec and Nick Bauer are very skilled, professional and passion driven HEMA practitioners who will invest the time and effort necessary to help individuals of any skill level to become better at their chosen style!”

Kristian S.


“It’s a new year and I just wanted to start something new. I came across Singum Corvus school of arms which seemed like a great place. Vlad and Nick radiate their passion in a way that inspires interaction. A few weeks in and I became obsessed with long sword practice, history and discipline. Thank you Vlad and Nick for sharing your knowledge and experience in a safe, enjoyable and respectful environment.”

Ehab N.

“Knowledgeable and personable instructors, great class structure that is both historically informed, and hands-on practical fencing training. I highly recommend this program for beginners or experienced fencers looking to sharpen their skills, and find a good community to train with”

Vaios S.


“Great for sword and historic arms loving people! Great coaches and excellent people! It's new name and new location, but the core team has years of joined experience.”

Gennadiy S.

“Great instructors, felt very welcomed as a beginner.”

Haeji L.


“Great club, these instructors are knowledgeable, personable and fun.”

Rick M.

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