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About Signum Corvus

Signum Corvus School of Arms is a non-profit organization dedicated to the pursuit of excellence through the study and practice of historical fencing.

The School was created by Vlad and Nick as a place for folks interested in historical fencing to realize their desire to learn and practice historical martial arts and is currently the only HEMA club operating in Mississauga, Ontario.

We have been fencing over the past many years in other clubs and felt that the Western Toronto and Mississauga areas could benefit from a dedicated HEMA club. It was a new path and a steep learning experience, but here we are...

The club name we have chosen - Signum Corvus is a Latin term meaning “Mark of the Raven”. The raven, in many cultures, is a symbol of war and victory, as well as wisdom and learning. Early fencing manuscripts were often written in Latin and the use of Latin for our name reflects our scholarly approach to historical fencing.

Join us for a ride!


Signum Corvus Team

Helping our students grow


Vladimir Adamec

Co-founder  and Lead Instructor

Fencer, military history enthusiast, book nerd, reenactor. All of that and more. I have been fencing for number of years (maybe not as many as you would think, but more than I can remember) and my curiosity always led me to learn and discover new things. Started with the rapier (it's all your fault Ron), then discovered longsword (Thanks Devon) and... hey, look - a sabre (Jack Aubrey would be proud of me I hope).

I have been previously coaching at Ontario Center for Classical Sport (Longsword and Rapier) and at West End Swords (Longsword, Rapier and Sabre).

You can reach me at


Nick Bauer

Co-Founder and Assistant Instructor

As a HEMA enthusiast, I've always been a lover of all things that involve the study and technical use of the sword. Having trained in various sword styles (including Eastern martial styles) over many years, I bring a well rounded martial perspective to the salle. Training under Vlad at Ontario Centre of Classical Sport and West End Swords has been a rewarding experience and it is my time to give back to the HEMA community. Rapier was my introduction to historical fencing and my study has since evolved to that of longsword, and sabre, however, sidesword is my secret true fancy. I enjoy an intense sparring session as much as I enjoy diving into the historical texts, and marrying theory with practice is my ultimate goal.

You can reach me at

Signum Corvus School of Arms
Code of Conduct

  1. Signum Corvus is open to everyone regardless of race, ethnic background, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, religion or faith, political belief, age or lifestyle choices as long as they are prepared to adhere to this Code of Conduct.

  2. All fencers at Signum Corvus will be welcoming toward visitors and newcomers to the sport of fencing.

  3. Fencers will not display any discriminatory or harassing behavior or language that demeans, threatens, humiliates, intimidates, or is considered abusive or violent. Sexual harassment or other unlawful or unwelcome conduct will not be tolerated.

  4. Any fencer who is subject to or witness to any violence, harassment, discrimination, abuse or dangerous behavior should immediately report this to any of the Directors of the School.

  5. Every fencer will be a good practice partner to others.

  6. All fencers will place safety first and will refrain from behavior that could endanger themselves or others.

  7. All fencers will control their weapons when in use and will ensure that they are stored properly and safely when not in use. Fencers will maintain their weapons, as well as other equipment, clean and in good order at all times.

  8. All fencers will avoid negligence and improper conduct leading to damage of School or member-owned property or facilities used by the School.

  9. Fencers will not consume or possess any substances deemed illegal by federal, provincial, or municipal law at an event organized by the School. Fencing under the influence of alcohol, soft or illegal drugs will not be tolerated.

  10. Fencers will refrain from boisterous or disruptive activity at School events and during practice.

  11. Fencers will follow instructions of the School instructors and Directors at all times and will only engage in the training activities as instructed.

  12. All practitioners will treat each other with the highest degree of respect and will act in a manner that will uphold the reputation of the Signum Corvus School of Arms.

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