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Welcome to the
Signum Corvus School of Arms

We are historical martial arts school located in Mississauga, Ontario.

At Signum Corvus, we are dedicated to the study and practice of the Historical European Martial Arts based on the preserved historical sources of the era between 15th and 19th century.

Our school offers instruction in historical swordsmanship and we teach our students the longsword, rapier and sabre fighting techniques of the old European fencing masters.

If learning sword fighting is something that you would want to try, we would be happy to welcome you in our School.

You can learn more about Signum Corvus here.

Our programs


Medieval Longsword

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Medieval Longsword

The knightly art of medieval longsword. Nothing epitomizes the middle ages more than this iconic weapon of the Aristocratic warrior class.

This course will provide you with the essential skills in handling longsword, primarily based on the early 15th century treatise Flower of Battle by Italian fencing master Fiore dei Liberi.

As part of the curriculum you will learn longsword guards, footwork, cutting and thrusting attacks, principles of defense and defensive techniques and fundamental tactical aspects of combat.


Renaissance Rapier

Finesse and deadliness. The Renaissance brought new ideas on how to fight and what weapons to use. The ultimate dueling art!

Learn the art of rapier, the weapon of gentlemen and duelists of the Renaissance era. 16th and 17th century saw a transformation of single handed swords, both in its form and use. New mode of fencing brought radical departure from Medieval concepts, with number of preserved fencing treatises providing deeper insights into the art of sword.

This course will provide you with the essential skills to handle the rapier according to the "Italian" schools, using the works of masters such Ridolfo Capoferro, Camillo Agrippa, Nicoletto Giganti and Salvator Fabris.


Napoleonic Sabre

Embodiment of brutal effectiveness. Beautiful, flashy and fast. When in doubt as to what weapon to carry with you, can't go wrong with sabre.

Late 18th and early 19th century was period of tumult in Europe. Napoleonic wars brought further progress to the art of sword fighting. Sabre was one of the weapons that gained immense popularity both due to its effectiveness as well its debonair image.

Learn the art of this iconic weapon of the Napoleonic era based on the British manuals of Charles Roworth and Henry Angelo.


Ready to grab a sword?

So, you are thinking that this could be fun, but you are not sure, why you should try Signum Corvus?
Here are few reasons...

Why choose Signum Corvus

(1) Our team

Our instructors have years of experience. They have been both practicing and studying historical martial arts for multiple decades combined. This does not only include numerous swordfights and hundreds of hours spent reading and interpreting historical manuscripts, they have also learned from the top instructors and masters from across the world.

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(2) Our community

Over the past years we have built Signum Corvus into a now not-so-small community of people passionate about swords and sword fighting. Whichever of our programs you choose, you will find new friends ready to help you grow.

(3) Our programs

We offer our students diverse experience. We practice different historical fencing styles and weapons, and you are free to try and chose the one that fits you best. Is it medieval chivalry, renaissance finesse, or the flashiness of the Napoleonic era that you are looking for? In any case, we have something for you!


(4) Our offering

Are you thinking about trying historical fencing and don’t have any equipment? Just bring a water bottle and be ready to have some fun. We will take care of the rest. We will teach you from the basics and beyond. We will provide you with the equipment you need to start, including the protective gear and historically accurate steel training weapons. It won’t be long before you will be buying your own sword!

(5) Our openess

Are you new to historical martial arts and not sure how to start? Or a seasoned practitioner ready to learn some more and find new partners for practice? Are you in your best shape or haven’t been active in a while? That is all fine, we will be glad to have you in our ranks.


(6) Our approach

We recognize that people learn in different ways. We understand that people have different goals. We know that life will throw obstacles in your way. We will do our best to guide you on YOUR path!

(7) Our uniqueness

Frankly, we are the only Historical European Martial Arts school in Missisauga, Oakville and Brampton…


Signum Corvus stands with Ukraine


"The unprovoked and ferocious war that Russia has unleashed upon Ukraine is an evil unseen in Europe since World War II.” Alexandra Chyczij, National President of the UCC.

We at Signum Corvus stand in solidarity with our students, friends, their families and all the people of Ukraine in their struggle for freedom!

We ask you to show your support and donate to the Ukrainian charity of your choice.

Thank you!


Get in Touch

Signum Corvus School of Arms

at Holy Name of Mary College School

2241 Mississauga Rd,
Mississauga, L5K2H8


(Please note that we don't have any staff at this location at times other than during the classes. If you need to contact us, please do so via message or email.)

Thank you for contacting Signum Corvus!

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