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Course Registration

Registration is now open for our last Longsword, Sabre and Rapier sessions before we take the summer break. Rapier and Sabre sessions will be starting on May 1, Longsword session on May 18.
Please click on the links below to register.
Please contact us if you are interested to register for multiple programs, we offer discount on additional registrations.

General information about our programs

During the school year we are running regular weekly classes for different weapons. The schedule is as follows:
Napoleonic Sabre: Mondays 7 - 8.30pm
Renaissance Rapier: Mondays 8.30 - 10pm
Medieval Longsword: Thursdays 8 - 10pm
Please note that although we are trying to run classes per this schedule, it is potentially subject to change.

Registration is usually available for a session of 4-6 classes and the sessions are run back-to back (when one session ends, next one usually starts the following week).

Sessions are combined both for beginners as well as advanced fencers.

Should you have any questions, please send us a message or email us at

Thank you!

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Longsword Reg
  • The knightly art of medieval longsword. Symbol of the Middle Ages!

    Started May 18
    135 Canadian dollars
  • Embodiment of brutal effectiveness. Beautiful, flashy and fast.

    Started May 1
    155 Canadian dollars
  • Finesse and deadliness. The ultimate dueling art!

    Started May 1
    155 Canadian dollars

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Rapier Reg
Sabre Reg
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